all that you have in mind

all that you have in mind

“Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.”

–1 Samuel 14:7

It’s from a kind of obscure story (obscure at least to me) about Jonathan and his armor-bearer taking on the Philistine army single-handedly (successfully), but my husband Andy brought it to my attention a few years ago, and it’s suited me to consider it as an image of our marriage, as we have moved together to North Carolina, then Florida, then a random but wonderful year in Pasadena, and back to Florida. (click to read more)

If you don’t know, my husband Andy is a pastor, who has been working in youth ministry for fifteen years, ever since we were married in 1997. In the beginning, we considered it a temporary vocation, pending graduate school of some type, but after a couple of years, Andy discovered instead that it was a calling. He’s worked at a couple of different churches, obtained a Master of Divinity degree, and been officially ordained as a “real” pastor, but he continues to love working with students and their families, which has not always been considered “real” pastoral work.

I won’t tell the full story here–you can read his blog for that–but the short version is that Andy came to me this spring with a job offer from a lovely church just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and asked what I thought. All I could say is what I’ve said to him from the beginning: “Do whatever you have in mind; I am with you heart and soul.” It’s been an honor and joy to be Andy’s armor-bearer, so to speak, and I’m looking forward to our next adventure together, which starts sometime this summer.

What does that mean for my business?

Well, in the limited and busy time I have left in Fort Myers, I am not planning to take on any new photography clients, unless all the stars align to change my mind, or you are really persuasive. I look forward to establishing a new chapter of my business in a fun new area this fall!

Web design clients, on the other hand, I can work with from anywhere, and will continue to serve from Tennessee. I may take a break from adding new clients while we are settling in, and there may be some planned breaks over the summer as we transition, but my current clients can be assured that projects will continue and be completed in a timely manner.

Side note: part of this process was that we needed to provide a picture of our family for our new church. You know about the cobbler’s children…same here. But we managed, thanks to timers and tripods, and that first picture may be one of my all time favorites. Here are a few more:

We are both excited for this new stage in our lives, and sad about the community we are leaving behind. We know that God will continue to hold all of us in his hands in the days and months to come.

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  1. Donna Jennings says

    Robin- I love that verse and story that you shared . I will pray for your transition- I know that you will be much missed in FM- I for one am so glad that you guys were there while I was there. I think that Chattanooga will be such a fun place- although you’ll miss the beach I’m sure (but will have mountains ;). Hello to all and God bless!!!

    • robin says

      Thank you so much, Donna! We will miss our Fort Myers family, too, which has been such a blessing to us throughout the years, but know that exciting things are in store for all of us.

  2. alyce bochette says

    Robin — I am happy to read your words ….. and can barely see thru the tears to type. I wish you all wonderful success in your new adventure and move to Tennessee. I have come to love and respect your family so very much. Your girls have been a highlight in my dancing life each week. As a mentor, I am very proud of their progress. Prayers and love go with you always. Let me know how I can help with any of the drudgery jobs of moving. With Much Love!!! Cheers:-)

    • robin says

      Thank you, Alyce–my girls will miss you a whole lot. I will, too, for that matter. I am so proud and thankful for everything they’ve learned from you.

  3. Rabia says

    *HUGS* Parting from your old church and community will be hard, but God has new adventures in store for you.

  4. Gail says

    Ahhhh Robin! How exciting, picking up and moving to a new place! My husband’s brother was a pastor in Chattanooga for a few years (his wife is from there) and the times we visited, the city REALLY grew on us! It’s so charming and people friendly (there is this COOL people bridge with an awesome merry-go-round near by…can’t think of its name but if you’re moving there, you’ll discover it soon enough!) May the Lord bless you and your family in your new adventure together!

    • robin says

      Thanks, Gail! Yes, you’re thinking of Coolidge Park, I think is the name. We’ve been there before, and gotten ice cream at Clumpy’s (I hope your brother-in-law took you there), although we haven’t done the merry-go-round. That bridge is so cool.

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