Wired (cover art)

Wired (cover art)

Wired, by Rabia Gale (Amazon)

Oh my, I have a list of things I should be sharing with you, and instead of tackling it, I keep working. But I thought I’d take a minute here to go ahead and share another ebook cover I got to do for Rabia, because it was another fun project.

Rabia originally published Wired on her own website as a serialization (side note: having to wait for the next installment/chapter/book in a series is very challenging for me because I really just want to know what happens next!). Wired is now available on Amazon (yay!) so you don’t have to wait like I did.

What’s is Wired? Here you go: “A cybernetic Rapunzel in a post-apocalyptic world plots to escape her lonely tower.” It’s urban and gritty and a great read.

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