ash wednesday

ash wednesday

pastor's hands after ash wednesday serviceLast night was Ash Wednesday, our first one at our new church. I don’t remember the last Ash Wednesday service I attended–either due to children, or our church not holding one, not sure. I don’t know what I expected (other than the ashes), but I was surprised and pleased by last night’s service.

My impressions:

  • Our pastor opened by explaining that the ashes came from burning last year’s Palm Sunday branches. Wow.
  • We were invited to come forward to be marked with the ashes–in families or groups, if we wanted. Wow. What an awesome vision of community and love. I had a front row seat–it was so moving to see a family come up together, a group of high school boys standing close, a small group of friends.

I watched the blackness spread on the pastors’ hands and by the end, wished that I’d brought my camera with me, to document that side of Ash Wednesday. I see pictures of the sign of the cross on foreheads but this, I thought, was something special, and I hated to miss it.

Thankfully I ran across my husband on his way out of the sanctuary and was able to stop him long enough to get this picture with my phone. Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Kathy Morgan says

    Precious image of servanthood, humility and love. So thankful you captured this Robin!!
    Does Andy’s ring say ani ladodi va dodi li? I notice it’s in Hebrew! So Cool!

    • robin says

      Kathy, yes, it is Hebrew, although I couldn’t read it in Hebrew. It is the verse from Ruth: “wherever you go, I will follow.”

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