Create a Client Welcome/Information Page in WordPress

Have you wanted to add a page to a client site, accessible only in the admin area, where you could give clients helpful information about what you’ve given them, how to use their site, and (most importantly) how to handle regular tasks like updates and backups? With a new feature in the Six/Ten Press Block Editor (version 1.1.0) plugin, you can. Here’s how:

First, enable the Block Areas content type (under Settings > 6/10 Press Block Editor). This content is private, and can be used in place of widget areas around your website. It’s not searchable from the front end of the site, and won’t display there unless you set it up to do so.

Create your client’s block area and add content to it–keep it to fairly simple blocks, because it’s only going to show in the admin area, remember. Call it something friendly like “Client Portal” or “Website Notes”, whatever you like.

You won’t be able to view this yet outside of the editor, but we’re getting closer. This client information page is currently a hidden option, which you need to enable with code. It’s a one line filter:

add_filter( 'sixtenpressblockeditor_onboarding_enable', '__return_true' );

Now that you’ve turned on the feature, you can go to the settings page (Settings > 6/10 Press Block Editor), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and update the following options:

  • Menu/Widget Label: what will show in the admin menu on the left side of the screen, under Tools, as well as the heading for the new Dashboard widget
  • Block Area: select the block area you want to use for this client page
  • Dashboard Widget Content: this will show on the Dashboard when your client logs into their site, so you can set up a welcome/reminder message. A button with a link to your new client page will automatically be added.
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