Icon Changes In SuperSide Me

SuperSide Me 2.4.0 implements some changes in how icons are used. Originally, the plugin used Font Awesome web fonts to display icons. As of this version, SuperSide Me uses SVG icons instead. With SVG, users have new options:

  • icons can easily be swapped out/changed on the plugin settings page, instead of having to use a filter
  • create custom buttons and convert SuperSide Me to an easy to use menu bar

For sites running versions before 2.4.0, the icons will continue to display as before, using the webfont, until you enable the SVG icons (on the Appearance tab in the plugin settings). At that point, if you wish to disable the webfonts from loading, you may disable the “Load Font Awesome” settings on the Options tab.

If you upgrade to SVG icons from an earlier plugin version, please note that there will be some visual differences in the icons, as the SVG use Font Awesome 5 (the webfont is Font Awesome 4.7 and will not be updated). If your theme already uses SVG icons, you can disable SuperSide Me’s SVG using a filter.

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