What To Do If Your Menu Button Disappears

If your menu button is not showing anymore, please check and see if you are using the Autoptimize plugin. When this plugin optimizes CSS, its default is to place all inline CSS at the beginning of your site, which disconnects SuperSide Me’s inline styles from its main stylesheet. There are two options for you here.

The first option is to tell Autoptimize to not¬†compile inline CSS. Click the “Show Advanced Settings” button on the plugin’s settings page, look for the CSS Options section, and make sure the “Also aggregate inline CSS” option is unchecked:

Autoptimize CSS settings

If you are comfortable with adding code to your site and want to make sure that an unwary user does not turn this setting back on, you can add this line of code to your functions.php file or wherever you keep such code (practice safe coding, please, back up your files, etc.):

add_filter( 'autoptimize_css_include_inline', '__return_false' );

This should make your button(s) reappear.

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