Useful tools I've built to make your WordPress experience better.

SuperSide Me

SuperSide Me is a WordPress mobile menu that’s easy to use! Whether your site’s navigation is simple or complex, this plugin will pack up all of your menus and create a beautiful side panel.

Six/Ten Press Featured Content Extras

Six/Ten Press Featured Content aims to give you an effective featured content widget without overwhelming you with options. This little plugin will add some new fields to give you the some of the same flexibility.

Six/Ten Press

Six/Ten Press is a utility plugin for WordPress, designed to make life easier, especially for (but not limited to) nonprofits and developers.

Add Featured Image Column

This plugin adds a featured image column to any post type which supports featured images. See at a glance which posts have a featured image!

Send Images to RSS

Improve your RSS: for full text feeds, replace large site images with email friendly images. Customize summaries with images and beautiful excerpts.

Genesis Accessible

A plugin for site owners who want accessibility-ready websites using the Genesis Framework, but who use child themes which don’t yet support the framework’s accessibility features.