Send Images to RSS

Send Images to RSS

Writing a blog post is easy.

Adding a photo to your post is easy.

Sending an email is easy.

Doing all three at the same time? Not so easy–if you’ve tried it, you know.

Send Images to RSS is a WordPress plugin that replaces images with an email friendly size image in RSS feeds. I like this for sending images from a WordPress gallery, for example–instead of sending thumbnails to the RSS readers, they get the full size images. Also, even if you like to upload large images to your site, this plugin will hopefully prevent you from blowing up people’s email accounts.

The plugin optionally adds a new email friendly image size to WordPress. Any large images uploaded to your site with this plugin activated will automatically have a new copy generated which is 560 pixels wide. If this image exists, it will be sent to your RSS feed, so we avoid the issue of overlarge images going out in email.

The plugin works without any setup required, but it does have a whopping three options which you can change to customize your RSS experience.

Send Images to RSS is now available on the official WordPress plugin repository. Try it for yourself!

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