Six/Ten Press Block Editor

Six/Ten Press Block Editor

Six/Ten Press Block Editor is a small plugin to modify block editor styles and behavior. It is currently a beta product, offered with limited support, although bug reports are welcome.

Features for Six/Ten Press Block Editor include:

  • options to disable custom font sizes and colors
  • options to enable full/wide aligned images/blocks and responsive embeds for older themes which don’t yet support these features
  • options to add specific colors to the editor color palette
  • options to add specific font sizes to the editor font sizes
  • optionally, the plugin replaces the standard block editor stylesheet with one which is a bit less opinionated
  • use custom Block Areas to add content sitewide instead of widget areas

If your theme does not support custom editor colors and/or font sizes, you can define them on the plugin settings page to make your theme/brand colors easily available for any block (this is especially helpful for themes built before the block editor was released).

The plugin also adds some custom attributes to certain blocks to allow for easier styling when the plugin styles are active:

  • custom height classes for cover blocks, columns, and groups (under the Advanced panel for each block)
  • toggle to prevent columns from stacking on mobile
  • custom margin for galleries, to change spacing between images

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