Six/Ten Press Featured Content Extras

Six/Ten Press Featured Content Extras

Six/Ten Press Featured Content aims to give you an effective featured content widget without overwhelming you with options. If you’re a developer, it’s easy to modify or add to the widget output with hooks and filters. If code isn’t your thing, though, this little plugin will add some new fields to give you the some of the same flexibility.

Six/Ten Press Featured Content Extras (widget form)Currently, the extra fields include:

  • Widget Title Link: easily add a link to the widget title
  • Extra Text: add extra text before or after the main post(s) in the widget
  • Order By a Custom Field: a new “order by” option and field for the custom meta_value
  • Featured Image Link: unlink the post’s featured image, or change the featured image link to a custom URL
  • Entry Meta: add entry meta after the content
  • Custom Post Class: add your own custom post class to the main entry/entries

At this time, this is a free add-on for Six/Ten Press Featured Content. There is no warranty, and minimal support is provided.

Important things to know:

  • you must be running Six/Ten Press Featured Content 1.2.0 in order to use this add-on.

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