Six/Ten Press Sermons

Six/Ten Press Sermons

Six/Ten Press Sermons¬†offers simple, clean sermon management. It’s a plugin with just enough settings to be user friendly, and filters and hooks to make a developer happy. It works with any well coded theme, and optionally allows simple podcasting.

Please note: Six/Ten Press Sermons does require Six/Ten Press, which handles custom content type registration, settings, and custom fields for all related plugins. Six/Ten Press is a free plugin.


It’s totally possible to start creating sermons without adjusting any settings. Each sermon behaves very similarly to a standard WordPress post, with a title and content. There are extra settings for each sermon:

  • Sermon Date (required): defaults to the most recent Sunday
  • Scripture: reference for the message
  • Audio: upload an audio file, or paste a link to your audio file URL
  • Video: upload a video file, or paste a link to your video file URL
  • File: upload bulletin or other notes file

Additionally, Six/Ten Press Sermons creates custom taxonomies for organizing your sermons. By default, these include Book, Series, and Preacher. Other possible taxonomies are Occasion and Topic. All taxonomies can be enabled or disabled from the settings page.

What settings are available?

There is a settings page for your sermons at Sermons > Settings. From here, you can:

  • Enable/Disable the plugin stylesheets
  • Enable/Disable sermon taxonomies
  • Add/Remove taxonomies from the filters which show on the main sermon archive
  • Change the featured image size; enable/disable featured image from showing on single sermons
  • Enable the custom podcast feed (you may want to disable if you are using a podcasting plugin already)
  • Optionally, select a post type (such as People or Staff) to link to your preachers/speakers
  • Change labels for taxonomies
  • Modify Genesis Framework settings for sermons

Link a post type to preachers?

If your site has a staff or people plugin in place, you may already have content created to describe your preachers. Instead of duplicating that, you can edit the specific preacher and link a specific post/page/custom post type to that preacher term. The post content will display at the top of the preacher’s archives, along with a link to their bio/page. The related post’s thumbnail will be added to the individual sermons.


Six/Ten Press Sermons offers some easy to use shortcodes if you need them. Each shortcode has optional attributes which can modify the output. Shortcodes include:

  • [sixtenpresssermons_term tax="preacher" before="Topics: "]: replace preacher with topic, for example to get a list of topics related to the sermon
  • [sixtenpresssermons_podcast_link]: place anywhere to get a link to your podcast URL
  • [sixtenpresssermons_file]: will add a link to the sermon’s related (PDF) file
  • [sixtenpresssermons_scripture]: will add the sermon’s Scripture reference
  • [sermons_select display="bar"]: add the sermon selector to any post or page
  • [sermons_recent num_posts="5"]: show the 5 most recent sermons on any post or page

Other Notes

Six/Ten Press Sermons is still in beta, and therefore currently free. Please do expect hiccups at times.

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