Six/Ten Press

Six/Ten Press

Six/Ten Press is a utility plugin for WordPress, designed to make life easier, especially for (but not limited to) nonprofits and developers. It adds some simple functionality and ease of use things to your WordPress install for users:

  • an easy to customize login screen
  • responsive videos
  • one-click replacement of Gravity Forms default styling (for Gravity Forms users only)
  • a Gravity Form block to easily display the standard Gravity Form, or a form hidden behind a button, or a form displayed as a modal overlay
  • modified Gravity Form shortcode for buttons
  • slightly simplified admin screens (unnecessary menu items have been removed)

And for developers:

  • custom post type/taxonomy registration helper registration classes
  • helper functions for custom post classes (for grid layouts), automatic featured images in content, and CMB2
  • helper functions to easily add settings to the Customizer

Six/Ten Press is also intended to work as a base plugin for a family of plugins, or custom plugins for specific clients. Current plugins in development:

Why Six/Ten?

I’ve been pondering this project for a while, specifically wanting to create a family of products which work together nicely, solve real world problems for clients, and are logical and efficient. I’ve gone with Six/Ten in honor of my mother, who was one of the smartest, savviest, most logical, most efficient, and most awesome women I’ve ever had the privilege to know.

Disclaimer: I may use Six/Ten and 6/10 fairly interchangeably, but opted to use words instead of numbers for the official plugin name due to alphabetical humility. Because I don’t want to be that guy.

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