SuperSide Me

SuperSide Me is a mobile side menu plugin for WordPress that’s easy to use! Whether your site’s navigation is simple or complex, SuperSide Me will pack up all of your menus (assigned to a registered menu location) and create a beautiful panel. Need to add extras to the menu panel? There’s a convenient widget area which will automagically be added to the end of your menu.

SuperSide Me is easy to use and works with most themes without any settings changes. To get you up and running quickly, there is a short settings page which allows you to customize your mobile menu. Want more control? SuperSide Me is packed with filters to give finicky developers access to some really granular settings!

Want to see the plugin in action? Visit my site (the one you’re already on) on your phone or tablet. Or check out (more examples coming soon):


Accessibility-Ready/Universal Access IconIf you’re looking for an easy to use mobile menu which is also accessibility-ready, you’re in the right place. SuperSide Me supports keyboard navigation, and screen reader text out of the box. As long as you choose colors with good contrast, it’s accessible for more users, including those using assistive technology on your website.

If you’re a Genesis Framework user, SuperSide Me goes even farther with your accessibility-ready Genesis theme, by modifying your Genesis skip links on the fly, so that the primary navigation skip link will target SuperSide Me when it’s active, and switch back to the primary navigation when it’s not. Even if you’re not a Genesis Framework user, you can use a filter to modify the skip links in your accessible theme to target your mobile menu as needed.

Many thanks to Amanda Rush for her expert assistance and vetting SuperSide Me for accessibility!

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