Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Thanks for your interest in promoting SuperSide Me. I’m thankful that you are willing to consider spreading the word!

By becoming an evangelist, I mean affiliate, you’ll need to abide by the following terms and conditions*, such as they are:

  • If you are not a customer/user, I will not approve your application, no matter how amazing your site is.
  • You may use my affiliate banners/links on your site, or in legitimate emails (no spam).
  • You may make your own banners if you don’t like mine, and if you think I should offer yours instead, feel free to share!
  • If your site is offensive, hateful, NSFW, or mean, I will exercise my right to suspend or reject your account/application.
  • I collect data on every sale, and you’ll be notified when your evangelist link is used for a purchase. If I cannot somehow verify that a customer was sent by you, you’ll miss out on the credit.
  • Payouts will be made on a monthly basis, about the tenth of the month.
  • In the unlikely event that one of your referral sales results in a refund, your referral payment will be revoked.
  • If you try to game the system somehow, or commit fraud, your account will be suspended.
  • I will never ever share or sell your personal information.

*These terms and conditions may change at any time.