like mother, like (grand)daughter

like mother, like (grand)daughter

my mother, my daughterToday is my daughter’s birthday. She is, unbelievably, eleven. She is named for her grandmother, and aptly so, as it turns out. My child is bright and driven, loving and compassionate, temperamental and spectacular. A lot like my mother.

I wish that they could have loved each other in person.

I am grateful for my mother’s legacy, both in me and those who knew her…and in this girl.

The picture of my mother was taken by my father on a summer vacation about twenty years ago. The picture of my daughter was taken two weeks ago when she accidentally stepped into the frame. I’m thankful.

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  1. DeAnne Sawyer says

    Beautiful and touching Robin… I know it must be difficult to be without your Mother… Thankful you have such a wonderful Father… By the age of 37, both of mine were gone… Thankful for the family God has given me… Hope all is well with you, Andy and the children… Blessings..

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