AfterMath Enterprises

Larry contacted me to help him bring together multiple interests into one easy to use custom website for AfterMath Enterprises. A retired math professor (get it?) with a passion for photography and a quirky sense of humor, his main goal was to set up a weekly email to share his photography, humor, and other thoughts.

It would have been simple to set up his website and teach him how to send out emails on a weekly basis, and leave him at that, but he would have quickly found it to be tedious, because who wants to post the same thing in two different places every single week? Not me, that’s who.

Larry’s project is a great example of how you can harness the power of your site’s RSS feed and funnel it through MailChimp for some good looking email communication. (Incidentally, his specific needs on this project really helped bring my RSS to email plugin together.)

Using MailChimp and a custom post type with its own RSS feed, Larry is able to put up 1-2 weekly thoughts and/or photos on his website, and MailChimp automagically packages them up and delivers them to his subscribers every Monday morning. Unless he wants to, he never has to log into MailChimp to edit the campaigns at all–since that side is automated, his content is all handled through WordPress, and the emails line right up with the website.

If you’re interested in a custom WordPress website for yourself, or would like to make some magic happen with your RSS emails, let me know!