Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church

Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church is solid, and really dedicated to a strong, consistent online presence. We’d worked together in early 2014 and built a new website from the ground up, with some really incredible custom features–custom content types for a variety of content, from people (staff and other groups), missions, a volunteer schedule for the nursery, and especially for their Sunday morning sermons.

A pause here because I think it’s worth explaining. Lookout has what is, I believe, a pretty unique Sunday morning setup. A lot of churches have teams of pastors. A lot of churches have multiple services happening simultaneously. Most churches, in this situation, opt for one pastor to preach at all services, either by traveling from one to the next, or by streaming the message via video. Lookout’s pastors work together as a team to plan each week’s sermon, from the topic to the outline to the discussion questions for afterwards, and two pastors preach each week–one in each location. So there are two unique sermons, but with a lot of shared information. Creating a system which supported this workflow without requiring a lot of duplicated information was a truly exciting project.

This year, Lookout did some rebranding, which meant updating the website. The new branding is beautiful and simple, and presented a fun challenge to work with. Since the site was structurally sound, and since WordPress separates content from design, my focus on this round was more visual, although there is always more to be done to make code cleaner, clearer, and better, so I did. Overall, this was a lovely project, and a great one to revisit.