Sawrie Orthodontics

Sawrie Orthodontics
Although picking a favorite website is a little bit like picking a favorite child–just can’t be done–this site for Sawrie Orthodontics is one of my favorites. I probably wouldn’t have expected that at the outset, because let’s be honest–how many of us love our orthodontist? But Dr. Daniel Sawrie is so passionate and excited about what he gets to do every single day, that he’s pretty infectious, in the best way.

He also allowed me to run with my own vision on the site, which helps, but mainly, it’s him. There is a lot of custom goodness going on with this site. Combined with Dr. Sawrie’s own obvious gift for photography (check out the New Smiles gallery in particular–both the smiles and the beautiful images are all his own work!), it was just a lot of fun to see this project come together.

Some of the project highlights are:

  • The New Smiles Gallery (obviously). It’s mobile responsive and randomly loaded, so every time you visit the page, new faces show first. You can click on any thumbnail for a larger version. Some of the photos also have a before image (more being added, so for now there aren’t a lot), and as you hover over the large image, you’ll see the before shot. It’s also optionally filterable (although not implemented yet).
  • Frequently Asked Questions. We had a lot of these to work out, and one of the challenges was how to make them available, along with the general information needed for any topic. We used a custom post type along with Advanced Custom Fields to build a relationship between the FAQs and the main topic page. Check out the First Visit page, for example, to see it in action.
  • Big Leader Images. I wanted to feature more of Dr. Sawrie’s photography work than we could manage on just the New Smiles page, so we’ve incorporated that optionally on any page in the site. It is, naturally, easy for Dr. Sawrie or his staff to change out and update the images as desired, or opt to not use them at all on specific pages.

I have a bit of a personal interest, too: in another year or so, one of my daughters will join the New Smiles gallery. This was just a fun project all around–more so because I was able to make Dr. Sawrie’s site look as good as his work.