Signal Pres

Here’s the latest site I’ve launched, and a significant project indeed, for Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church. This is a brand new WordPress website; although it’s built on the Genesis Framework, it’s a complete custom web design. Their new branding was done by Lisa Davis, a great local designer.

Some of the things I’ve been posting lately, the how-to-do-this posts, have been a direct result of my work on this project. Signal Pres needed a way to organize many different kinds of information. It could have been done somewhat with a spaghetti network of posts and pages and organization by the end user, but a significant goal was to make this as easy on them as possible, which meant a lot of behind the scenes work, creating custom post types and several custom page and blog templates.

The site is mobile responsive and built with HTML5. I’ve included a special mobile menu (my blog post about creating it) so that the main navigation takes up less room when you’re on your phone or smaller tablet (important as nearly 40% of the visitors in the first day were using a phone or tablet!).

The custom post types include: Sunday School classes, missionaries, local partner organizations, pastors, and newsletters. Some of these were created specifically to make the back end work easier–for example, if the church begins supporting a new missionary, they just add one and it’s automatically filed and sorted correctly. Other post types have custom metaboxes to make sure that the front end content looks the same every time (local partners, monthly newsletters). I used third party plugins to create the last custom post types for sermons and events.

Because of the custom metaboxes, which allow me to specify exactly what kind of information to collect on some of these post types, I created certain custom page templates (to show individual local partners), and custom blog templates–to show all of the missionaries or local partners on one page.

This was overall a very exciting project, one with a lot of room for both creativity and problem solving for structure and usability. Check out the new Signal Pres website!

(and you know, if you want to talk to me about your next website project, that would be pretty brilliant, too)