SM2 Student Ministry

I hit on this WordPress design update for the Signal Mountain Student Ministry after working with their site for a while. Originally, their home page had one large slider, a twitter feed, and basic contact information–a carryover from the original design. These were fine, but ultimately not helpful, as this group has about six different things going on at any one time, not all of which could be on the slider. And often, visitors just don’t have time to wait for a slider to roll through. (And let’s face it–the images provided for any one event/etc. are never the same shape as the slider–true anywhere!)

I’d been mulling over a masonry/Pinterest style project concept for a while and it occurred to me that this was a perfect site for it. We could push newer/featured content to the top of the home page without worrying about posts v. pages, and could mix in pretty much whatever we wanted. Now, whether visitors are looking for information about Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, or need to sign up for an event, it’s easy to find, and the newest posts in each category automatically come up on the front page.

This site is mobile responsive, built on the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. I used Brad Potter’s Mean Menu implementation for the mobile menu. The front page itself was fairly easy to implement–I will post a tutorial soon.

I’ll just add that the student ministry puts out some hilariously creative videos, totally worth watching in your spare time.