Cindy Stansberry

Meet Cindy. She is a photographer. One who takes really lovely pictures–you know, of families and babies and weddings and such. (If you are near Griffin, Georgia and need a family photographer, I know who you should call!)

Cindy and I have been photo friends for several years and this is the second time she’s asked me to help her tweak her site. I bullied her into letting me do a wee bit more than tweaking this time, but I think it is so very worth it! We rebranded. We are able to showcase her beautiful images, both on the front page, and throughout the site. We’re incorporating some super nifty galleries, Cindy’s Instagram feed, her email newsletter signup, among other things. We’ve also really tightened up quite a bit of search engine optimization work, and just made the site easier to work around and with, both for her and for her visitors. Go ahead, visit Cindy–enjoy!

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