signal point (personal)

signal point (personal)

Our family has just completed (well, kind of) our move to Signal Mountain, Tennessee. What it really seems to mean is that we’re in our new home, surrounded by boxes–and an incredible quantity of packing paper thanks to the diligent movers–and trying to sort out what it means to live in a new town and a new home. So far, so good. The back door neighbors have two girls who exactly match mine in age–everything else could be a disaster at this point and the girls would still be thrilled.

This image is from the other night–we drove down into Chattanooga for ice cream and the setting sun was beautiful as we were driving back up, so we detoured by Signal Point. It doesn’t actually face west, so we didn’t get a great view of the sunset, but it was lovely enough regardless. This is a view down the valley (?) towards Chattanooga.

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  1. Eric Reed says

    I used to live there, when I was going to middle and high school (Before they had a high school on the mtn of course). Its been years since I’ve seen this view, and I guess I hadn’t realized that I might could find it on google. So I searched it, and here I am. This is probably my most favorite spot in the whole universe. I used to sit there almost every evening, as it was only a few minutes walk from my house. Now I am 21, and I’m a sailor in the Navy.

    Thankyou for sharing this. I wish you and your family the best of life on Signal Mountain.

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