This week, our firstborn turned thirteen. I’m in a bit of shock over it, maybe a bit of denial. But I look at his face and already feel like it’s more angular. I’m still taller than he is (for now), but his puppy feet are bigger than mine. And look at all those arms and legs! Suddenly I feel like we’re counting down.

there are no words for a 13yo

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  1. Kathy Morgan says

    They grow so fast! I look at my oldest (he’s 28 now) and think, I remember 13 when he was lanky and gangly…not a man and yet the beginnings of who he will someday be. Now, married and on his own, strong in his faith and yet still becoming the man that God created him to be. It is good…seems like yesterday.
    Enjoy these next fleeting moments with him!

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